“The Time Wall”

This Site has been created on November 10, 2016 to inform those who are interested in factual data on events in the United States and the World that are not normally covered on the Mainstream Public Media. I also will post my all my important communications to document them, so as to leave an accurate account of my activities for Public Record. This Website is not to influence or manipulate opinions, just to state the facts to the best of my abilities. You hopefully will form your own judgements on the issues I present.

(This Page will officially open on, January 20, 2017)

God Please Bless the People of America and everybody else too…,  Hugo B. Gonzalez

Author: Hugo

Patriot, Veteran and Proud Duty-Bound American

43 thoughts on ““The Time Wall””

  1. Thank you Jona for your kind words.
    Your previous roommate must have been very intelligent, just like yourself.
    Please stay in touch, for on January 20th, when I drop the bomb on the “Big Lie” that was perpetrated against the People of the United States and most likely still actively in use.

    My best to you always, Hugo
    P.S. No actual bombs are involved. The material of evidence I will presenting here, is much more powerful.

  2. I do this website myself , everything, no help whatsoever. I just started this last month. It’s my first webpage. I’m an artist and a writer so that kind of helps with the visuals and content, I think. I use WordPress and the (Twenty Sixteen, that’s what they have it listed as, Theme) in the editing program. I’m still learning, I want to add download pages for the visitors to get photographs and videos, etc. for them to be able to download. An Extra value. Thanks for the compliment! What exactly do you like besides my pretty graphic about my Page and how can I improve it? I’ll be more than happy to help you with yours, what is the subject matter of your Blog? Hugo

  3. Thank you for your nice the words! I’m trying here… Keeping it real, no joke. Maybe one every now and then though. 🙂
    See you Inauguration Day!
    P.S. Which article was it you liked? It doesn’t come up here. What is your Blog about?

  4. Wow, that’s a huge compliment. This is totally out of my time and pocket. I’m O.K. for the time being. Thanks you for the offer though, means a lot! I’m trying to help… Take care and hopefully see you on Inauguration Day for the big real news!

  5. Thank you so much, it’s really motivating to me to hear comments like yours! See you Inauguration Day I hope. My best to you, Hugo

  6. Thanks!!! I’m trying put just put good solid educational factual stuff here. What article was it you guys like? It doesn’t show up here, so I can post more similar ones. Your feedback would be awesome! Thanks again and see you Inauguration Day! Hugo

  7. Wow! I never been called a great author before…, my head is getting bigger already. 🙂 Your words have been quite motivating to me, Thanks you so much!!!
    Take care of yourself, Hugo

  8. That was pretty good writing on your part too. I think I got it. Tell me if I am correct. When I write, I write so every word sounds correct when I reread it and correct a thousand times over.:) I try and keep it simple and not use too fancy a words that I don’t even understand myself. Does that make any sense??? So I basically write for me to understand it. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment me and see you hopefully here this Inauguration Day.
    Take care of yourself, Hugo

  9. I wish I knew which article you are talking about. I am new to this blogging thing and have not figured out which post people are commenting on. Could you please tell me which one touch you? Please…, and thank you so much for your kind words! Hugo

  10. I use iPage as my host and WordPress. I really don’t know how actually secure they are though. Depends who wants in I guess… Hugo

  11. That is a good question, I just looked at my settings and did not see a control to remove you from further comments. My apologies and careful clicking ahead. Take care, Hugo

  12. Thank you so much for your kind and inspiration words of encouragement. I am happy that you enjoy it. “So back to onward and beyond…”, take care of yourself and see you here on Inauguration Day, hopefully, Hugo

  13. I use iPage as my Host and it has WordPress Software as the it’s editor. It’s a fairly easy WYSIWYG editor to use (at least for me) and I am new to this and I’m still learning it’s capabilities. It’s not too expensive either. I hope this helped you somewhat. Send me a comment or email when you start your Blog or need help in it. Take care, Hugo

  14. Thank for the good words! I can not send emails to any of the people who post comments for some unknown reason to me yet. You can try to email me at hugo@thetimewall.com if you like and I will respond to you back. Take care of yourself, Hugo

  15. You are very welcome!!! I don’t know about the nice part though, but I try hard to be informational on the news I post I believe being swept under the carpet, as they say. See you here Inauguration Day, I hope. Take care of yourself, Hugo

  16. Das(Our) Homeland Agency probably intercepted it, so as for me not to see it. “Just kidding”, I have to approve all the comments before they get posted on here, damn Spammers! I don’t see another of yours here though. You can write it again for me, it’s always better the second time you write it, at least for me it is. 🙂
    Thank you for your compliment! Take care, Hugo
    P.S. Was I really kidding??? and resend me your long comment, please…

  17. Thank you for that awesome comment on this Page, it is inspiring! I try and keep it simple here, not to use words that I don’t understand myself and sprinkle my sick humor every now and then. Take care of yourself and I will hopefully see you here Inauguration Day! Hugo

  18. Thank you so much for your great input!!! It is only me here, so I have to basically do everything you see. It’s a trade off of more little post with links to more information or me sitting down and writing longer essays with less frequent Post on different subject matter. What would you prefer? I will take you suggestion to extend my thoughts and interpretations some more, is that your suggestion or just Post more Data and less links to other Sites?
    I try to be as accurate as possible. I do not want to convince anyone. I just want to give the information out so you can make your own decisions on what I present here. Thank you again and take care, Hugo

  19. What??? Could you please say that in some other way, because I do not understand anything on your comment. Thank you and take care of yourself, Hugo

  20. Thank you for your kind comment. If you have any suggestions to make this Site a better and more valuable source of information. I’ll be more than happy to consider it. Take care, Hugo

  21. I just started this Webpage this Nov. 10th, so I’m fairly new to this also. I have iPage as my host and I do use WordPress as the Editor. It is pretty intuitive at least for me and easy to use. I what to make this Site more valuable to the users so there are thousands of plugins for WordPress to do different things. No coding is needed. I don’t know or want to know about HTML Coding whatsoever. I get bored way too easily and it almost looks like Math to me, and I suck at Math. I hope this helps you somewhat. Let me know when you get your Blog up so I can take a look at it! Take care, Hugo

  22. I love our Free Internet!!! It is a very powerful tool and I believe the People in Power do not like us having all this uncensored information available to us. I think they soon are going to try to control the information we can access to in the not to distant future. We must not let them ever control it or we will lose our only weapon we have against them. INFORMATION. Take care of yourself, Hugo

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