I wrote this Poem “The Enemy”, but you can give it’s title:


Mother holding her Child, (Painter unknown

The Enemy , Word Document File

I wrote this poem “The Enemy”, but you can give it’s Title:

You will likely not want to listen to this story.

It is rather disturbing.

I cannot believe my ignorance, naiveté and blind trust or whatever you call it.

You might already accept it and even stand behind it…, or you may be like me and look away and deny it.

It’s so much easier just to go on with my life and not to think about it, than to question it and become distraught about it.

As I stare at my reflection, I do not see a bitter man. I am sympathetic and kind hearted …, but inside I know there is something going on that is dreadfully misguided.

I am only one man, I cannot alter what is occurring. Why should I concern myself? No one else appears to care about what goes on around them.

Is that their intention, for us to think, that it’s only pointless to try to change them?

I could not look away any longer and hide myself from it.

It’s not right, I cannot deceive myself any longer. I needed to know. I needed to confront this deeply hidden ugly reality.

I forced myself to delve into the darkness of it, where I could hear the chilling ear piercing shrieks and echoes of wailing mothers with their young infants bellowing out and whimpering as they are mercilessly being butchered and slaughtered.

No one want’s to take responsibility for it.

These powers that be, camouflage their horrid deeds under the guise of keeping us safe and guarded, while masking their heinous motivations and selfish acts of violence.

They don’t want us to see the tyranny, the intimidation, the coercion, the oppression and dismay that they employ to control our society.

Why do they call their operations Covert, Clandestine or Secret…, the World knows what they are doing. There is nothing being concealed from the innocent, the poor, the sick and the hungry that they label as dangerous insurgents. While Death squads knock at their doors, massacring entire families and villages when they speak out, at the injustice being serviced.

It doesn’t matter that they put in these vile Rulers into Office that use their Armies, Masked Police and Supporters to implement gruesome techniques such as abduction, torture, mutilation and executions to maintain order.

Just as they were advised to, before they started.

Covert…, yes…, to American Public. They are always feeding us misinformation in one way or another, to fuel their voracious appetites for their Total World Supremacy.

They must always keep their precious War Economy running and prospering.

They don’t want us to interfere in their cruel, muted, Wars of Greed and Dishonesty.

That’s why all these atrocities are all going on at this very instant.

Human life means nothing to them. It never stopped them.

I can’t blame myself. No one else wants to take responsibility for it. Why should I be different?

But I want to, but I’m afraid…,

I’m afraid to speak out…, to be labeled as an unpredictable, extremist, Radical.

The carnage will continue as always.

Nothing can be done about it.

It will just become even more horrific and appalling.

Hugo B. Gonzalez






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